2nd Time’s a Charmer


Make fun of me all you want, but back when MTV played music videos I used to love the Paula Abdul video “Opposites Attract.” If you’re over the age of 30 then odds are you did too. If you think about it, that video was tailor-made for 8-12 year old boys. A super-cool dancing/rapping/singing cartoon cat and a hot pop star in her prime? Well played Virgin Records, well played. What does that have to do with Logan Jacob? Well, nothing really. I just happened to think of that video when I came up with the theme of this post, which is how opposite Logan is from Hannah.

They actually look a lot alike. Here they are both a few months old.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 11.51.59 PM

But that’s pretty much where the similarities stop. I know we’re very early in his life and things could change at any point, so don’t think I take this for granted whatsoever, but so far this little boy, compared to Hannah, is so easy-going and happy-go-lucky, it’s amazing. Sure, he has his moments where he’s fussy, once or twice a day probably, but it’s usually because he’s either tired, hungry, or needs to poop. Or he’s just not getting enough attention. But rarely does that turn into tears.

Hannah on the other hand, and bless her sensitive heart, from day one would cry and cry for a couple minutes to half an hour or more, and no matter what we tried, she was inconsolable. We were really lucky with her, though, because she never had colic or anything, but there were still times when there was just nothing we could do – hold her, sway, sing, bounce, rock, hum, walk, drive, and/or just lay her down in a bed or swing – nothing would work. So far, with Logan, we can count how many times we’ve had that issue on one hand.

We’re so extremely blessed, I don’t say this to brag or act like we’re doing something right, it’s just fascinating to me how different they are – and when I talk to others about it I’d say 75% of people say the same thing. Sometimes it’s their first-born that’s the easy one, sometimes it’s the second or third, but I know we’re not alone or unique.

Logan is 4 months this week and he’s cut a couple of bottom teeth already. Even that didn’t really cause many tears. He just chews on his hands and drools like crazy, grunts, groans, and whimpers a little. You can tell he’s uncomfortable, but he just deals with it. Tough kid. He’s a chunky boy, in a high percentile for his weight and length, is ticklish in his ribs/armpits, and smiles more than any baby I’ve ever met. He’s quick to greet anyone – men, women, kids – with a big smile, before he sheepishly turns his face and it in whomever is holding him. It’s pretty dang cute.

The boy is a night owl like his daddy, though, so Sam and I are both still sleep deprived. Much of that is due to the fact that we’re both working full time and my hours are longer than they used to be, plus Sam is a trooper, selflessly pumping every few hours so Logan can still get some of momma’s milk with each bottle, all the extra bottles and accessories, etc. etc. When he does go down by 9 or 10 he’s down for the count, usually sleeping uninterrupted until 6-6:30am. We’re really pretty lucky…but like we learned with Hannah, that could change anytime.

Hannah is adjusting really well. She has her moments, but she’d have them whethIMG_0882er she had a little brother or not. You can tell she really loves him and I think she’s going to be an awesome big sister. I’m really proud of her, she’s a beautiful little girl inside and out, and I am going to love watching her and her brother continue to grow.

I think one of the biggest challenges we’ve discovered now that we have two little ones is feeling like you’re giving them both the amount of love they deserve. The only way we know to do that that is to just shower them with hugs, kisses, and “I love you”‘s – which is exactly what Sam and I try to do every single day.IMG_0507


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